Vacation Safety Tips

July 13, 2017

Going on Vacation?

Tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away

Planning a family vacation? There are a few simple things you can do to make your home a less attractive target to a potential burglar. Some smart planning and preparation will help make your vacation worry-free. Here are a few vacation safety tips.

  • Have the post office hold your mail. It is a courtesy feature from the USPS to keep your mail for up to 30 days. Depending on where you live, you can do it easily online here.
  • Invest in timers that turn your lights on for a few hours in the evening. It is too costly to keep your lights on during your whole vacation and it is suspicious to a criminal to have your lights on in the middle of the night.
  • Make sure every window and door is locked, even pet doors. Make sure all keys are accounted for and do not hide a key outside. Burglars know about those favorite hiding places. It is also a good idea to turn off the garage door, thieves can open it up with a universal remote.
  • Although costly, it is a good idea to hire a house sitter to water the plants, collect newspapers and take care of pets. To make your house seem occupied, it is also a good idea to hire someone to mow your lawn while you’re away.
  • Be discreet about being out of town for long periods of time, especially on social media. Do not post pictures of your vacation until after you are home. Even if you have high security settings on your social media accounts, it might be possible for unwanted eyes to see your posts.
  • Install a home security system and video cameras. Not only will you be instantly notified if anything happens, you will also be able to easily see what is going on on an app on your smartphone. It will ensure you have peace of mind so that you will be able to enjoy your relaxing vacation.


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