All Aboard Storage chooses Security Pro

When All Aboard Storage decided to build a new location in the city of Coleman in Putnam County, they chose Security Pro of Florida to provide a video surveillance system. The system scans the entire facility using 32 strategically-placed weatherproof cameras.

All Aboard Storage is owned by Andy Clark who has decades of experience operating storage facilities. Andy’s company operates dozens of storage facilities throughout Central Florida. Mr. Clark chose Security Pro because he had used the company for other facilities. He was very satisfied with the professional installation, the quality and the fast, friendly service.

Benefits of the system

This video surveillance system serves many purposes. The system is designed to act as a deterrent, protect customer property, guard company property and facilities, monitor the flow of people, reduce the likelihood of legal issues and to act as a marketing benefit for prospective customers.

How the system works

The images from 32 cameras are displayed on a large monitor in the facility office. The 32 cameras provide coverage of the entire complex. Individual camera images can be selected for closer scrutiny. A digital video recorder records all of the camera images around the clock. The recordings can be retained for later reference.

Want to learn more?

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