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When it comes to video surveillance and security camera systems, Security Pro of Florida is a leader in Central Florida. We have decades of experience both designing and installing video systems of all types. Whether you have a need for a simple system to see visitors at your front door or you need a sophisticated multiple camera video recording system for a large facility, Security Pro can make it happen. Security Pro provides only quality equipment and professional installation at an affordable cost.

Do you need a wireless, affordable camera system to see visitors at your door?

IQ Wireless Door Entry system

Wireless door entry system

Instantly see who is at your door from anywhere in your home or business. Save time, identify guests, and never miss another delivery. With a 500 foot wireless transmission range (line of sight), a 2.25″ LCD color monitor, our exciting new entry cam can store up to 163 images. Live browsing is available when the door/camera unit is hardwired. A rechargeable battery pack and charging cradle are included.

Do you need a camera system to watch your home?

Security Pro has your home video security needs thoroughly covered. We can position attractive, discrete cameras both inside and outside as needed. With digital video recording, you’ll have a video record of every visitor that approaches your home. You can monitor your babysitter or maid. Your recorded videos can be reviewed or retained for viewing at a later time. Would you like to see whats happening when your not home? You can view the video from your cameras real-time on your iPhone, iPad or smartphone. We have you covered.

Do you need video surveillance for your business?

Video for small business

Unfortunately the cost of employee theft and slippage dramatically affects the bottom line of many small businesses. Add to that the cost of theft by shoplifters. Accidents like slips and falls can create enormous and sometimes catastrophic legal costs. Even a properly insured business can face large increases in premiums.

Security Pro is highly experienced with the video surveillance needs of small business. Do you need a small system that monitors an entrance area or cash register? Or do you need a sophisticated multi-camera video recording systems that can watch every corner of your business? We can help you decide. Then we can install a system that precisely suites your needs and fits your budget.

Your surveillance system can watch inside aisles, hidden corners, register/transaction areas. Outside parking lots, storage yards, drive-throughs and entrance doors can be viewed. We have cameras that are weather protected for mounting on building exteriors or light poles. Dark areas and nighttime scenes can be revealed by low-light and infrared cameras with built-in infrared illumination.

Great company! My business had an awesome security camera system professionally installed by Security Pro. GREAT JOB!

-Joe Hubbes, Owner
Badboy Computers

You business cameras can be digitally recorded for later review and for a legal record. If you need to view your cameras remotely, Security Pro has a solution. Your camera images can be beamed real-time to your iPhone or other smartphone. You can view cameras on an iPad or your PC. You can keep a close eye on your business!

Vivid color cameras

Color IP cameras

The color range and clarity of our latest color camera technology is breathtaking! The new LTS ColorVu 24/7 IP camera takes color to a whole new level. With highly sensitive sensors and the latest advanced lens technology the ColorVu 24/7 will aid in identifying suspects and vehicles, even in low-light conditions. Most IP cameras automatically switch to black and white imagery in low-light conditions. That’s where the ColorVu 24/7 really shines. The camera maintains clear, vivid color, even in low-light conditions that would stretch the capability of normal cameras.

Do you need video solutions for your factory or facility?

Kissimmee Air Traffic Control Tower

Security Pro of Florida installing a video system at Kissimmee Air Traffic Control Tower

Security Pro of Florida has extensive experience designing and installing video systems for large facilities. We can design a sophisticated system tailored for your specific needs and deploy it using quality, affordable components. Our technicians are highly trained professionals with the experience to tackle any challenge your facility may offer. All Security Pro consultants and technicians receive continuous ongoing education in best practices and are state certified.

Do you have a need for your facility but don’t know where to start? Our experts would be happy to answer your questions or give you a free quote.

Infrared Matrix security camera

Infrared Matrix camera for night applications

Dome camera

Black dome camera

Samsung white dome camera

White dome camera

iPhone security video app

iPhone video app

iPad video app

Video app for your iPad

Everfocus video recorders/multiplexers

Video security recorders

Multiplex video security monitor

Multiplex video monitor

Multiplex monitor

16 camera multiplex

Everfocus weatherproof dome camera

Weatherproof camera

Infrared illumination camera

Infrared illumination camera

Pan tilt control

Pan and tilt control

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