The biggest show ever!

ISC West 2016 is the biggest ever!
I’m flying through snow flurries outside of Chicago, on the way home from Las Vegas. I was in Vegas to see the latest products being introduced at the International Security Conference 2016. ISC 2016 drew about 30,000 security professionals from around the world making it the largest professional security event ever. Exhibitors from many countries displayed and demonstrated the latest, cutting-edge technology for home, business and industry.
Highlights included security and automated conveniences for the home, exciting new video surveillance systems for the home, sophisticated access control devices for business and a plethora of new digital security devices and apps. shows new features showed off some exciting new capabilities for their home security app. These new features will roll out in an upcoming app update. If you are a current user, you will be notified when the update becomes available.

2GIG expands line

Nortek demonstrated new 2GIG security systems for home and business. The current 2GIG system is still a very important member of the 2GIG family. The expanded line will offer more choices for both small homes, large homes and businesses. Some of the new products are expected to ship later this year.

Focus on video

A large portion of the show was focused on video products. Video surveillance options ranged from tiny personal covert cameras to sophisticated video systems for large facilities and industry. Selecting the right product can be complicated so contact a Security Pro professional at (866) 961-7649 to help you make the best choice.

Mobile is common theme

Mobile app capability was a common feature of many products. Remote video, security and automation add the ultimate in convenience to many products.

Security & convenience

I’ve been too many ISC shows and this one was the most exciting event ever. Technology is bringing us better security and greater convenience.