Protect your family

with Security Pro.

You and your family will feel safe whether you’re away or at home.

We protect you 24-7

Our team of professionals will be on guard, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond to your emergency.

Your smartphone will let you know if anything changes around your house. You’ll be in total control, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

“Thanks to Security Pro of Florida my home is always protected. The peace of mind your company has given me is priceless!” – Tammy C.

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Monitoring for your existing security system
Home video camera systems


This system is so simple to use. Turning on your protection is as easy as touching a button.

Home control.

Adjust your thermostat. Turn on lights. Look at a visitor. All from your smartphone.

Energy management.

Save energy by scheduling lights and the temperature. Control select appliances.


It’s always with you.

Smartphone access anytime, anywhere.

Know what’s happening.

You’ll be notified immediately of events. Whether it’s a break-in or your Daughter arriving home from school you’ll be alerted on your smartphone. Get a notification if a secure closet or gun cabinet is opened.

See what’s happening.

Do you need to check on your babysitter? Are you expecting a delivery? You can see what’s happening from your smartphone – anytime or anywhere. Cameras can be positioned to view your front entrance, your living area, your shop, or anywhere that is important to you.

Control your home.

Returning home from a trip? Turn down the thermostat before you arrive. Need to let a relative into your house? Unlock the door and disarm the alarm. Forget to close the garage door? Close it. All from your smartphone.

Home security smartphone app

2GIG controller features

2GIG home security system alarm demonstrator
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Security Pro's UL-listed Central Monitoring station

Security Pro’s UL-listed Central Monitoring station

We’re here for you 24/7

Our UL-listed monitoring facility is always alert and ready to help you. Our computerized monitoring is fully redundant – three facilities located across the country back each other up. The personnel are highly trained and supervised so you will always receive fast, professional response, around the clock.

“The best alarm company ever. We set our alarm off by mistake and within a minute Security Pro was calling our phone. My law enforcement background tells me great response time.” – Bill Parsell