Standard vs. HD cameras

Do you need HD cameras for security applications?

Poor image from a standard black & white security video

Typical image from a standard black & white security video

How many times have you seen an evening news report with a snippet of security camera video showing a blurry, ghost-like image of a person supposedly committing a crime? You could tell that the bad guy was wearing a hat, red shirt and sneakers. How many people fit that description? Even worse – how many times was the security video in black and white and you could only guess the colors? Talk about “last-century” technology!

HD could make the critical difference!

How important is it for your security video system to show a face, a license tag number or the model of the gun a perpetrator is brandishing to threaten your employees?

When an event occurs, you never know how important it might be to have a sharper, clearer image. It could make the difference between prosecution or allowing a criminal to go free. It could mean the difference between an expensive lawsuit or a dropped case.

The time for HD is here!

The cost of HD security cameras has plummeted in recent years. It’s true that HD cameras require larger video recorders because the image file simply has more information. But the cost of time-lapse video recorders have dropped while the capacity has increased. HD security video has become affordable!


Still image from an HD security video

Security Pro trucks on HD video

It’s time for you to move to HD

If you have a security video system, it’s time to move ahead to the latest high-definition video technology. If you are thinking about purchasing a new security video surveillance system, don’t consider anything less than HD!

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