Door with deadbolt lock

Do deadbolt locks provide good security for your doors?

Not necessarily! Watch this video and see how burglars use a specially cut key to easily pick all but the more expensive premium deadbolt locks. The technique they use is called “lock bumping”. Burglars have access to simple instructions for creating a “lock bump” key. Once the key is made, opening a standard deadbolt lock is so simple, a child could easily do it. Watch the video and you will be shocked by just how vulnerable a deadbolt lock can be!

The “lock bumping” technique is common knowledge among burglars. Security Pro of Florida feels it is important to educate the public about this issue so we can all take action to better protect our families and possessions.

Good locks are a vital part of your security. Be sure to purchase high-quality deadbolt locks that are designed to resist “lock bumping”. A quality alarm system is also a vital component to your security. If you have questions, make sure to talk to a Security Pro of Florida consultant.

Thanks to WMC-TV in Memphis for this story and the video.